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About Angie

Angie grew up riding down dirt roads and making out in pickup trucks in the small but colorful town of Starkville, Mississippi. She was always a city girl at heart, so when her marriage ended in 2009 and it was time to get the hell out of town, she brought that country-fried realness with her to New York City. 

Combining metropolitan sophistication with her grassroots grit, Angie created her own unique urban cowgirl sound, though she admits to hearing Jon Bon Jovi’s album Blaze of Glory as a little girl and saying, "That's what I want to be when I grow up."

Whether a quiet acoustic jam on her ukulele or the wall of country rock sound created by Angie's full band, her powerhouse vocals and pull-no-punches lyrics cut through the bull malarkey and straight to the heart.

Angie rocked CMJ in 2011; she dropped her first EP, Double Or Nothin', in June 2012. Her first full-length album, High & Mighty, is available on iTunes. She and her merry band of gunslingers continue to play routinely around the Village, the Lower East Side and Brooklyn.


The Angie Atkinson Band is:

Angie Atkinson - lead vocals

Coyote Anderson - guitar

Grace Bennett - vocals

Casey Heuler - bass

Max Maples - drums

Ryan Murvin - vocals

...and has featured many incredibly talented guest artists, including Courtney Bassett, Madison Cano, Dan Crowley, John-Anthony DeMaio, Josh Fox, Jeremy Heuler, Carly Jordan, Eliza Kingsbury, Henry Koperski, Glen Mauser, Daniel Muhlenberg, and Jill Sargeant.


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For booking inquiries, please email angieatkinsonmusic@gmail.com